Ten reasons why making the drive, from Port Alberni to Parksville, is worth it to get the best laser treatments. 

When it comes to treating the body, the skin, or the face, wouldn’t you want to go to the best of the best?

Clearly the answer is yes.

We like to think of Elegance Sculpting as a local spot, but when we say local, we are including everyone on Vancouver Island—that means you Port Alberni!

Being 45 minutes away from Parksville, may seem like a long ways to go for a spa treatment. However, we believe in our services, the technology that we use, and we want to ensure everyone, near or far, gets the opportunity to experience what a true medspa can offer.

Therefore, we have outlined the top ten reasons why making the drive from Port Alberni to visit us is worth the drive.

Ten Reasons Why It’s Worth Driving Out From Port Alberni:

1. We are so much more than just a spa.
We are not just a regular spa. Although we have every spa service you would need, we offer more than relaxation and beautification. No matter what your medical aesthetic issue, we can help. We offer non-invasive solutions to help people become the best versions of themselves. We pride ourselves on being experts as well. Rachel, the owner of Elegance, has dedicated herself to ensuring that all of her clients are pleased on their journey to feeling great again.

2. Our laser hair removal technology is the best in today’s market.
We use the Elos Plus technology, by Syneron Candela. This laser technology is unique and does more than just hair removal. It uses a combination of optical energy with bi-polar radio frequency. The various applicators and state of the art laser precision allow the hair follicles to be destroyed but also treats, acne, acne scars, facial and spider veins, vascular lesions, wrinkles, rosacea, striae (stretch marks), leg veins and beard bumps. The result is hairless skin that physically looks better as well. The best part of the Elos Plus is that there is no downtime, it is non-invasive and pain-free.

3. If you have never tried a sweat blanket, that is reason alone to come down.
There are a lot of benefits to working up a good sweat. This is especially true in the winter. At our location, we don’t expect you to workout for hours to do get these benefits. Our FAR Infrared Sweat Blankets allow you to burn up to 700 calories per hour, all while being wrapped up, warmed up and take a break. You will feel great. To learn more about why this is great, read our previous blog on “Why Sweating is Beneficial.”

4. We can reduce your cellulite, with no downtime, using the VelaShape.
Living on Vancouver Island, we know you must enjoy beach time. Bearing all can be difficult for some if you feel self-conscious of things such as cellulite. We offer cellulite reduction, using the VelaShape, by Syneron Candela. This is an extremely advanced device. It combines infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency energy with mechanical manipulation (pulsed vacuum and massage rollers). The VelaShape has been proven to decrease cellulite, and also reduce body circumference. It can be used on the flank, legs, abdomen, arms, under the chin and more. This really is a revolutionary device, the best of its kind available today—and we have it!

5. We Are Always Doing Something New.
We believe in keeping things fluid. As such, we are always looking at what else our clients need, what the people of Vancouver island need and want, and try to offer those services. We recently added tanning beds, and have just started offering Botox and Fillers! Most importantly, we have an in-house doctor who is able to consult on specific matters regarding your skin. These new services are just some of the recent additions. A spa that is always evolving with the needs of our clientele is important to us.

6. We are in Parksville.
Quite simply put, Parksville is a remarkable place to visit and get some downtime from everyday life. It gives you an excuse to come and enjoy any of the beaches in the area, take in the sunset and just relax. Get some treatments, enjoy the views, and take a break!

7. We offer financing.
We realize that sometimes you need to get services done but money may be tight. We don’t want that to hold anyone back from looking and feeling their best. As such, we offer financing options. To learn more, please contact us or visit our financing page online.

8. Hydra Facials are like nothing you have ever experienced.
Facials can be done anywhere, however, HydraFacials are the best facials you will ever have, in your life! HydraFacial encourages long-term skin health and is customized to fit the needs of each person. It is useful for fine lines, wrinkles, improving texture and tone, boosts elasticity, helps with age spots and much more. There is no downtime, and you can instantly notice more radiant skin.

9. We do it all!
Medical aesthetics, body contouring, mani/pedis, microblading, facials, RMT massage, eyelash extensions, tanning, teeth whitening, and more! There really isn’t much we don’t do! You can come in for a bundle of services, or treatments, or a simple girls day at an elite spa. Either way, we are sure to have a service you are in need for, all under one roof.

10. Look Good Feel Good with Advanced Skin Care Treatments.
Rachel, the owner of Elegance Sculpting, has known that bringing non-invasive, cutting-edge laser technology to Vancouver Island was her desire. She has helped so many resolve issues of aging skin, including skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. To learn the differences between each and specifics go to our previous blog here.


These services allow the skin to return to its youthful texture, tone and glow. So, Port Alberni, you quite literally are driving in to discover the fountain of youth!

As you can see, Elegance Sculpting is a unique and special medspa that offers the best services using the best in laser technology. All of the services are carefully put together to ensure anyone that walks in the door is happy, looking their best, and feeling great before they walk out. Port Alberni, Nanaimo, or anywhere, we know you won’t regret the drive. We will make sure of it.

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