Looking to shed stubborn fat before the big day, but can’t always make the gym? Elegance Sculpting has your effective (and relaxing) solution that is good enough for Selena: Sweating.  

There is so much stress before the wedding day. Parksville brides have their hands full with seating charts, meeting with the caterers, final fittings and everything in between.

With Elegance Sculpting’s Infrared Sweat Blanket, you can unwind after wedding planning while getting closer to your bridal goals.

Using FAR infrared waves, the FAR Infrared Sweat Blanket works to gently warm the body ’s subcutaneous fat layer, increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure. This combination helps to increase your heart rate, which gets you sweating and burning calories, without any physical activity.

Intense Sweating = Weight Loss

Unlike regular saunas, which also cause increased heart rate and intense sweating, the FAR Infrared Sweat Blanket achieves the same calorie-burning effect without extreme heat. With FAR infrared heat waves the body undergoes less stress, making treatments more tolerable and enjoyable.  

FAR Infrared Sweat Blanket can burn up to 500-700 calories can be burnt in a single hour, equal to running at five miles per hour for 60 minutes. This is the perfect time to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows, listen to music or podcasts or simply sit and enjoy the hour of relaxation (which you’ll probably need if your planning a wedding).

The FAR Infrared Sweat Blanket can be calibrated anywhere from 30℃ to 60℃. Each different temperature increment delivers a different bodily function.

30℃-35℃: For simple, yet deeply effective, body soothing and relaxation.

35℃-40℃: For an increased soothing effect, and muscle relaxation.

40℃-50℃: For those undergoing physical therapy, this intense muscle relaxing treatment is a helpful aid.

50℃-60℃: Used to increase sweating via body temperature, causing weight loss.

Any of these treatments can help when detoxing and preparing for the big day, however only treatments at 50℃-60℃ will be able to melt away excess fat. To increase effectiveness, we recommend exercising directly before your treatment time. When the body is already in a calorie burning state, more calories will be burnt during the session.

Tone your body and relax your mind just in time to walk down the aisle. To book your first FAR Infrared Sweat Blanket treatment for free, click here.