Elegance Sculpting offers quality Registered Massage Therapy in our tranquil Parksville BC spa.

Messages do not need to be a luxury saved for your tropical vacations. At Elegance Sculpting, we believe in the power of a good massage and offer the direct insurance billing and financing options you need to make it happen.

Are massages actually beneficial?

As massage therapy dates back thousands of years (evident in ancient writings from China, Japan, India, and Egypt) a lot of research has been done in regards to its possible health benefits. However, a lot of the findings are contradicting. Research does show that massages are beneficial in reducing pain and reducing symptoms of a number of conditions. Findings suggest that benefits experienced with massages are only temporary—aka you have an excuse to have them often.


Findings suggest regular massages can improve:

  • Chronic pain
  • Pain associated with Cancer
  • Mood
  • Headaches

How many types of massages are there?

Most people can quickly determine which type of massage best suits them. If you have any questions or concerns about what type of massage you are booking, consult our RMT Pia by calling the spa today.

The following are just a few of the popular types of massages:



Deep Tissue

Hot Stone

Trigger point


Finding the right massage therapist.

When searching for a Parksville massage, look for the Registered Massage Therapists. These professionals and the massages they provide are recognized by the BC Health Professions Act.

“Came in for a one-hour massage from Pia…best I’ve gotten in years…very good level of technical expertise to really get the muscles relaxed. My daughter went right after and loved it too! Highly recommended.” – Alec

When performed by a RMT, massages appear to have few risks. However if you are pregnant or have a bleeding disorder/cancer, speak to your family doctor prior to booking regular massages.

To book your RMT massage with Pia, contact the spa today.