It’s always a good idea to get a pre-tan, or base tan before heading over to a beach or visiting a tropical destination.

Needing a little break from winter and planning an escape to warmer destinations? Are you doing a little beach hunting soon?

If that is the case, we don’t blame you! Though we would love to come with you, we can do one better and help you prepare for your tropical beach getaway. We have learned that getting a little base tan (or pre-tan) on the body, before extreme sun exposure can ensure a better “natural” tan experience.

What Is A Base Tan?

A base tan is simply getting a light tone to your skin, through a few tanning sessions, to have some colour already added to your skin. In the winter, it’s no secret there is little sun exposure and little skin being bared when there is. As such, our skin does become paler in complexion.

When re-exposing it to extreme heat right away, it may be a good idea to have some colour started via a base tan, where the additional tan will come from your sun exposure.

What Can I Benefit of a Base Tan?

Having a base tan may help offer some protection from extreme sun immediately. However, it won’t fully protect you from sunburn, you still need to ensure to use sun protection.

However, having a base tan already prevents you from needing to spend an excessive amount of time directly in the sun to achieve a tan (which everyone wants on vacation). That is important for sun protection. In fact, it’s often recommended to avoid direct sunlight during peak hours and covering up when possible. Now if you are on vacation that is not ideal if you want to work on a tan, however with a base tan, you will be inclined to feel ok to follow some of these rules. By decreasing the amount of time and when you are exposed to the strong rays (which in winter we have been not used to), it can help maximize skin protection.

Having a base tan will allow you to be a bit more carefree about tanning directly on vacation so that you are naturally exposed and that will give you the full tan you seek.

Another benefit to a base tan is aesthetics. Looking great before you hit the beach…a tan always helps to look a bit more toned, slimmed down, and that dash of colour makes the skin look glowing. A perfect look to accompany a swimsuit!

Tanned skin also helps decrease the appearance of fine hairs. While, we are sure you got your laser hair removal done prior, having a base tan will decrease the appearance of many fine hairs as well, be it on your face or areas you may not have gotten hair removal…yet.

When Should I Start my Base Tan?

Generally, you should notice a tan within a few tanning sessions, about two or three sessions. To get a good tan, it may be a good idea to come in for two or three weeks before you are planning on getting away.

Contact us for a consultation and we can better assess your needs.

Yes, I Need a Base Tan—Now What?

There is no time like the present, and we can help you get ready!

In Parksville, we have airbrush tanning services as well as tanning beds. Depending on your preference we can provide one or the other.

Also, for the month of January, if you purchase a tanning package, you receive a 25% Off Voucher on any service at Elegance Sculpting! So your timing is perfect!

So if you are planning on escaping to the beach a bit early, give us a call!