Our favourite Payot Paris products to help combat winter skin concerns and to gift to friends.

If you’re looking for the perfect, Parksville stocking stuffers, look no further. Elegance Sculpting has the gifts you need to please your skin guru girlfriend and distant relative alike.

The colder temperatures this season often result in dehydrated skin and lips. It is also an extremely busy time of year with generally more stress (whether with holiday preparations or end-of-year at work). Stress can have negative impacts on the skin. 

What is Payot Paris? 

Payot Paris has been a leader of skincare worldwide for nearly 100 years. Founded by Dr. Nadia Payot in 1920, Payot Paris strive to advocate for women and encourage self care. Today, the product line combines luxurious beauty with scientific advancementsmaking it one of the most effective skin care products on the the market.

Our Recommended Winter Payot Paris Products

These are our favourite Payot Paris products for stuffing Parksville stockings and to gift ourselves. For more information on any of our skincare products, stop by Elegance Sculpting and speak to our team.

Techni Peel Nuit

The perfect exfoliator to remove flaky dead skin cells caused by dehydration. Dead skin cells can block your other skin care products such as moisturizer, making it difficult to get your skin by to hydration. The Techni Peel Nuit contains a mixture of AHA acids and anti-wrinkle ingredients to gently dissolve dead skin cells revealing softer, newer skin overnight.

Hydra +24 Lèvres

It’s no secret that dry winter lips are inevitable. The Hydra +24 Lèvres balm works wonders giving lips 24 hour guaranteed hydration. After just one application, you’ll feel and see your lips healing.


My Payot Sleeping Pack

Jam-packed with super fruits, hyaluronic acid and silk tree extracts, My Payot Sleeping Pack works to hydrate the skin while you sleep. By using your body’s natural skin recovery mechanisms, this mask will have you waking up energized and ready to take on the day.


Lait Micellaire Dèmaquillant

When time is of the essence, as with the holiday season (days are shorter, literally), the Lait Micellaire Dèmaquillant cleanser is your answer to dry skin. Rub the formula on a cotton ball and wipe your face clean until all dirt is removed. Keep this product in your bag for cleansing and moisturizing on the go!

There you have it —four incredible Payot Paris products to help heal your dry, winter skin and fill your friends and family’s stockings this holiday. Stop by our Parksville spa to learn more about any of these products and pick up a little something for yourself too!