The best laser skin treatment for sagging skin and double chins in Parksville, British Columbia.

If you are looking for safe and effective skin tightening in Parksville, BC without the lengthy downtime (and expense!) of traditional methods, you have come to the right page.

What is Sublime Skin Tightening?

Sublime Skin Tightening is a non-invasive laser treatment that stimulates collagen growth to improve skin laxity. Sublime Skin Tightening can treat jowls, cheeks, the neck area and face for a more contoured, youthful appearance.

Who is the ideal candidate for Sublime Skin Tightening?

Sublime Skin Tightening treatments are suitable for all skin types. For individuals who are looking to tighten and tone skin due to a loss of laxcity, Sublime is perfect solution as it stimulates new collagen growth.

Why is Sublime the best solution for “turkey neck” or double chins?

Sublime provides incredible results without the downtime, cost or invasiveness of traditional surgical methods. In as little as one treatment, you can have incredible visibly youthful results.

Is there downtime required after Sublime Skin Tightening?

There is no downtime required after Sublime Skin Tightening. After the 20-minute treatment, you may experience slight redness but you can resume your normal routine.

Does Sublime Skin Tightening Hurt?

Most of our clients describe the feeling of Sublime Skin Tightening similar to a warm deep tissue massage and therefore not painful. Sublime Skin Tightening is non-invasive, 20-minute treatment that can easily be scheduled within your workday routine.

How many Sublime Skin Tightening treatments will I need?

Results from Sublime Skin Tightening are visible after as little as one treatment. Results vary from each individual however, we typically recommend a treatment plan of one to three sessions spaced three weeks apart. Book your consultation today for a personalized Sublime Skin Tightening Treatment.

Finding Sublime Skin Tightening in Parksville, BC

When choosing where to have your skin tightening treatment in Parksville, Biritish Columbia always consult a skin care expert. At Elegance Sculpting we only offer treatments with the best technology on the market from Syneron Candela and experienced certified laser technicians. If you have any questions or concerns, book your no-obligation consultation today.

How much is Sublime Skin Tightening?

Sublime Skin Tightening typically costs between $250 and $350 per session; however November 2019 we are running a Sublime Skin tightening neck area promotion for just $200 per session. This price won’t last long, call our team today.