Bad eyebrow tattoos or microblading? Remove your unwanted ink, the natural way.

Microblading can be the perfect solution to define one’s brows but what happens when it goes badly? Perhaps no ink is more unwanted than that of which goes poorly on your face for all to see.

Tattooing was once the go-to for those looking to define their eyebrows without the need of makeup pencils. Giving the nature of traditional tattooing the results tended to be one dimensional, and no reflects that of one’s natural brow line. Microblading is the newer more natural-looking solution for defining brows, but it too can go poorly if not applied by a experience professional.

At Elegance Sculpting, we offer both microblading/eyebrow tattoo removal and microblading application. Our licensed team helps strip back unwanted ink in order to make way for new, more natural-looking brows.

There are many ink removal solutions on the market today however, some are much safer than others. At Elegance Sculpting we trust the power of A+ Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution. The topical solution is made with the world’s finest sea salt creating the highest quality saline solution on the market today.

Unlike laser or chemical tattoo removal, A+ Ocean tattoo removal does not impact the natural colour of your skin. This is extremely important to us as many of our clients are replacing their bad eyebrow tattoos with our microblading but not in the exact same shape.

The number of total treatments needed is dependent on the nature of your cosmetic ink. Bad microblading tends to take fewer sessions to remove than eyebrow tattoos as the ink isn’t as deep.

To learn more about Elegance Sculpting’s tattoo and microblading removal services, book your free consultation with our experts today.

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