Are you one of those people who just cannot leave the house without doing your brows? What if we told you there was a way to get your desired brow shape, without needing countless products and an extra 10 minutes in front of the mirror?

Often referred to as the curtains to the eyes, the eyebrows are a main focal point of the face. Unfortunately, many of us are not blessed with the naturally full, thick brows that are currently in fashion. Although the right products and precision can achieve the perfect Keira Knightley brows, this tedious process can be time consuming (and wash off while swimming, working out or even in the rain).

Thankfully, there is a time-saving treatment to help you take back your mornings without sacrificing the perfect brow. Microblading is one of Elegance Sculpting’s most popular treatments.

Microblading is unlike cosmetic eyebrow tattoos of the past, as it’s made to realistically mimic natural hair growth and blend seamlessly with existing brow hairs. In the past, eyebrow tattoos often looked unnatural or boxy, using only darker coloured ink and thick needles that are used for traditional tattoos.

Using a small handheld tool, our microblading technician meticulously place ink pigments under the skin using small, brush-like strokes that flow with the natural brow hairs. Unlike cosmetic tattooing, microblading is semi-permanent and lasts between 12 to 18 months. This low-commitment treatment allows you to change your brows with the fashion.

Before the treatment starts, our microblading experts will work with you to help determine the best ink pigment shade and eyebrow shape for your face. The area is then thoroughly cleansed of dirt, oil or makeup before the shape is outlined with a white pencil. A numbing agent is applied to help manage any discomfort.

An initial microblading treatment at Elegance Sculpting takes anywhere from two to three hours with a touch-up appointment to follow a couple weeks later. For proper healing and optimal results, it is essential to follow our detailed aftercare tips. Full healing takes seven days up to two weeks, while the colour will need approximately a month to fully set in.

In addition to being a time saver, microblading also helps promises low cost maintenance. No more purchasing and repurchasing your favourite eyebrow pencils, powders, pomades, pens or gels. Microblading provides perfectly natural-looking brows that will have you singing “I woke up like this.”

For more information on how you can save some precious morning minutes with microblading, book your free consultation with our expert brow technician today.

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